In America it is time to be thankful – we as Christians are more free than ever to proclaim the good news that Jesus is alive, the Father loves us and the Holy Ghost confirms the Holy Bible as the word of God in our hearts! Deep in the sea of this people is a swell created by Christian intercession this swell is a tsunamia created that is on the move now. Be thankful and prepared to help the survivors of this move, do not be distracted by the ‘entertainment’ value of the very talented surfers that will ride this wave in land fall – yes we will see great waves of destruction in the land of this age power of the presence is the key – the smoke of the shekhina will fill the whole planet and this age will have a clear choice. Now is the day of salvation, it is a great thing to be part of this proclamation that will shatter the world view of the earth. Remember the KING IS COMMING! And all the nations can repent and come home! 11/19/2016 05:38 KRR