Wow, the Father is good, I love the Vineyard. I have finished my service as a pastoral intern, I have learned a great deal about service to Vineyard Urbana, and now need to take my next steps in the Kingdom of God.  I have finished my education in SOKM and SOKL – this has shown me a lot of excellent tools to use in Ministry and Leadership. For Vineyard USA – I am ready to serve as the Father leads!

I help in the Vineyard Church Urbana and in Second Life at the House of Prayer. My APEST profile is A-PS-et, Apostle, prophet and shepherd. My top 5 in order strengths on Clifton Strengths Finder are Learner, Strategic, Positivity, Connectedness and Individualization.  Compassion and connection as a Seer in the body are what I am looking to bring active in the body today. My heart is more than happy to learn about and lead into victory the willing soul into a victory that is willing to seek first the Kingdom of God.

I come from the core of the Jesus movement out of a beatnik and bohemian mind set, I have served honorably the US Army for 8 years as a Vietnam vet my post in the regular army were first West Point then AFCENT NATO.  As an Chaplain Assistant I have a strong background in church administration and organization, as a Microwave Comunication technician I also have a strong technical solution skill set. I have also attended two years of computer programming and have worked twelve years as a computer operator, this adventure took me through three full system upgrades in a manufacturing system from IBM mainframe to a UNIX based Orical system. So I have seen a lot of ground in the real world of Kingdom of God and Kingdom of men.

I have served the LORD as Pastor and in him called as Apostle, Prophet and Pastor/Teacher I am so thankful that He has been my identity his call is who I am in Him.  I have been ordained and recognized as a minister from 2007, but even as the head of security laughed to tears as he saw the REV on my American Leagion card – I know that to men’s view I am a total failure – I am not a middle class person with a nice “christian family” background and my calling as a Apostle and Prophet dose not fit the businesses profile culture of any American Church – at this season of life I have much real life experience and education leading people to a deeper walk with the LORD. I am so thankful that my calling is from the LORD [to you I may not be the shiny new thing], I’m divorced and remarried – that makes me disqualified to the majority of religion, my other problems are that I am poor in this worlds connections, but this is a problem to you not my Father.  This age may see me as a fail, my God sees me as His child! I may never speek in your pulpit – but I wonder if Jesus would be welcome in your pulpit.  Just so you know that is not a problem I have at Vineyard Urbana – I am part of the tribe and welcome.

I know no matter what I do people will find fault- so with my eyes to the Father I do as he directs me, His service is my calling!  I love to serve His children, in Jesus name.  If I can help let me know.

Rev. Ken Rhoades