I think that History has been held in contempt to my Pentecostal view as not relevant because of my ‘end time’ escapism. We are not the “last days revival”, “latter rain” or the “end time army” YES – Jesus may come before I finish this sentence, but my friend this has been true from the day Jesus ascended into heaven. Our history is ever looking to the blessed second coming and the fullness of His Kingdom and has been for the last 2000 and some years. I have lived passed many days that were to be the “end” and still Jesus is seated at the right hand of our loveing Father – I have been caught like a deer in the headlights and bilked of many treasures by the wolf pack of Satan in the fearful tsunami of books, tapes, cd’s and dvd’s that feed the money base of this type of organization. Still, my hope is to His return. But we must look at the real history of the church and the church of Satan and learn to see the good news and wisdom of our christian tradition. As you look with the power of the Holy Ghost and the wisdom of the Father at the 2000 plus years from Jesus going up to Heaven, you will find the faith that stands the test of time.  We are the much loved people of the Father, as promised we will number like the stars of heaven and the sands of the sea. Kingdoms will come and go, wars will kill and mountains will fall in the sea but the Kingdom of God is eternal and coming fully soon.
History is like a tapestry that builds in time – we are in one of the longest unbroken builds of all time, survival of this information and our access to this view is greater than ever. As you turn your eyes on the vistas of our human history it is almost to much for one soul to contain, yet it is short in the light of eternity.  Just think of how many governments have come and gone from the time Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world” – the places that the Gospel has illuminated the worlds that the Cross as been lifted up!