Flat Earth

I know that this is a point that seems hard to think about, but who’s view do we have and why. This question was at one time almost unthinkable to me the steady increase of ‘scientism’ and ‘fake’ news in America and the world has come to light. The powerful action already taken in Evelotion that steps into a line of reason supported by the ‘sun worship’ and ‘alien DNA’ that is the next step of the ‘Heliocentric’ form of ‘scientism’ – has frankly stepped into the realm of ‘science fiction and fantasies’.  I enjoy SciFi and other flights of imagination – but to teach this as ‘hard science’ with no real proof is out of the box!

I see that with no harm to physical evidence of hard science that the ‘scientism’  of the Bible in creation and even the apparent model described in the text of the Bible as a problem.  I know that the Heliocentric/Evolutionary model of creation held by the agnostic religion is a comfort to them, my objection is that they are pushing a ‘scientism’ religion as fact with no real proof to the intent of suppressing any other view. I do freely admit that this is not a new offence done to humanity and we as Christians have been part of this bullying also, so my cry is more of a complaint about educational bullying than who is right or wrong. I make my point that if you need to remove religion from school – then remove it – do not pretend to teach ‘science’ in the name of any religion to children!  Religion is from the home and church organization of your choice – not civil or government.  Teach Children to think, read and communicate – equip them to life not slavery to your private sciocial club, invite them to know of your view do not force brainwash them!FlatEarth