The Spirit of fear and the division of the body – the Holy Spirit, Word of God and Love of the Father has shown me a word of love. I know that the Church is one holy church that Jesus is Lord over us all, Ephesians 4: 3-4 / 1 Coritnthians 13 / John 3: 16-17.

I have been pushed by the spirit of anticrist to take offence in the area of end times and the vain controversy of this topic. My heart torn to defend the body of Christ from the spirit of fear and unrest.  This was a trick of Satan to devide me from the body, and I repent of that division and sin against the Father.  I have studied many good people in the body of Christ on the novelty view of dispensation and see for me that it has a lot of problems that have become dark spots in our unity. They have become a voice crying out against the Lordship of Christ, focusing us on something other than Kindom work. Even my personal position is part of this church fight.

I believe that we are in the end times now and will be in the end times till Jesus [100% God and 100% Human] returns to earth with the fullness of the Kingdom of God. The ‘end times’ started when Jesus was taken up, the Church was activated on the day of the feast of Pentacost commission given by Jesus and sealed in the Holy Spirit for all of us. We have a blessed hope of resurrection and translation at his [Jesus the Christ] appearing – this is no secret to this Word of darkness or to each of us as believers.  So let’s keep our eye on the Great Commision and unity and healing in the body of Christ.